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Add a NOVEL TOUCH to your event with an Oxygen Party Bar Rental

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Oxygen Party Bar has the best equipment and the lowest rental rates in the Southwest.


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Spruce up your event and help keep your guests happy with an Oxygen Party Bar Rental

Rental fees include

  • Delivery and Oxygen Bar set up by system certified engineer.
  • Oxygen technician to operate the oxygen bar during your event.
  • All supplies to operate an open oxygen party bar.
  • Removal of the oxygen party bar equipment after the event
  • Liability Insurance
  • Corporate Branding additional

 Read about how Oxygen Party Bars work

Oxygen Party Bar is the largest mobile oxygen bar rental service in the Southwest.  We service Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego and all points in between.


We provide you with a fully staffed Oxygen Party Bar for your event.  When you hire Oxygen Party Bar rental, you get a system certified oxygen engineer delivering and setting up the bar prior to your party.  During the event the bar is staffed and operates as a open oxygen bar for your guests.  All supplies are included in the oxygen bar rental.  After your party, they immediately pack up and remove all oxygen party bar rental equipment before they leave.  All you need to supply is a standard 15 amp, 120 volt, electrical plug and ground floor/wheel chair access where the oxygen bar rental enters.

Oxygen Party Bar is the leading Oxygen Party Bar rental service in the Southwest.

For information on renting an Oxygen Party Bar for your event, contact Herb Halling


or call us at (562) 594-8265

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